Thursday, January 19, 2012

219. FAIL.

Last night was frantic. My first night of math class, after a long day at work, after a night of not much sleep, because SOMETIMES I just need to spend quality time with the Wizard. Those sometimes are actually a lot of times, and I am willing to give up most, if not all, of my sleep to do it. I mention all of this because by the time I got home, around 9, I had just enough energy to pretend I was reading my history assignment for an hour before I gave up and went to bed. Without blogging.

I failed, and the worst part is that I only made it two weeks. It never even crossed my mind to write something last night.

No one cares that I forgot. Except me, because I was really excited about this challenge. Maybe I'll just start over, with today being Day 1. We'll see... I have a feeling that I will forget many more times throughout the coming year. The only consolation I can give myself is that I am so focused on school, nothing else really matters. As Howard Schultz would say, I am "laser focused".

Tonight is my first yoga class. I'm actually about to leave, so I'll have to let you know how it went in tomorrow's post. All I can say right now is that I am growing increasingly concerned that I have overloaded myself. I may end up having to drop yoga in order to focus on the other, more time consuming classes. I would rather believe that I am a machine, and machines do not feel stress.

Today is also my dog's birthday. He's 6. I wish I had time to take him to the park for a game of fetch, but I don't. I did bring him a birthday bone, though, and he seemed pretty delighted.

Happy Birthday Frank!

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Joshua De La Noco said...

1. Working. School. Relationship. Dog. If something should suffer. It should be the blog. Just start over.

2. That is the best dog photo I've ever seen.