Sunday, January 22, 2012

222. The Ensuing Hangover

Of course, I'm hungover. I stayed up like...all night, drinking champagne/vodka/pineapple juice cocktails and wine. Eating like my efforts would solve world hunger. YouTubing G.I. Joe PSAs and My Drunk Kitchen. It was a grand time. Today, I have managed to be productive enough to finish writing my response to David Mamet's Oleanna.

I can't honestly say I enjoyed the play, but I can appreciate it. The characters weren't terribly interesting to me, and the dialogue was stilted to read. Live might be a lot better, and the ending should prove intense. It's one of two plays that I'm required to see live for my class, and we have tickets for next Friday. We're planning to make it a date night, and hopefully grab dinner nearby beforehand. I'm just relieved the boy is interested in coming with me because I really didn't want to go alone with a bunch of strangers from an online class.

I feel like a zombie. All I want to do is sleep and eat super-disgusting greasy food, like extra cheesy burritos or something. Only I don't feel like expending the effort to make said burritos, I just want someone to bring me the food. Perhaps today will need to be a Chinese food kind of day. Our favorite place in the area delivers the food in plastic containers, so ordering Chinese is also like shopping for tupperware. And since we're about due for more tupperware, it's a win-win.

In other news, someone that Johnny went to art school with wrote him yesterday to ask about my photos. Apparently, she was interested in purchasing one. I'm pretty sure the only photos she could have seen were iPhone stuff she found through his Facebook page...but I'm flattered, regardless. I don't think I've ever printed one of my "art" photos, and I've definitely never tried to sell one. I'm not even sure the digital ones would be worth printing, since they were all saved as large jpegs and edited really quickly.

We had talked about the potential for doing an art show together when we first started dating, and the subject came up again this morning. Neither of us really has much to show at the moment, but I think that we could probably get some things together by fall. I actually have an idea for a series of photos I've been wanting to do, if I could just make myself get up early and venture out into the cold on a Saturday morning. I've been going through some Photoshop tutorials, and I'm feeling a little more confident about shooting and editing in raw format. I don't know the first thing about putting together a show, but I can defer to Johnny's expertise there. The hard part is finding a place to have it. After that it's just like throwing a party, right?

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