Wednesday, January 25, 2012

225. Blood and Guts

Thanks PBS. You have made me realize that I have no desire to be a biologist. In theory, science sounded really intriguing. I was all sorts of fascinated. Noncommittally, of course, being the indecisively inquisitive sort that I am. But that show just now, where you dissected boa constrictors? And the one right after, where you dissected a sperm whale with the aid of a bulldozer?! GROSS.

Please show me more art detective work about Leonardo da Vinci mystery paintings, ok? Charcoal etchings and libraries don't make me vomit while I try to concentrate on algebra homework.

Sweet Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Maybe this weekend I'll have time for a real post...apologies for the last couple of days. I should just quit my job, go to school full time, and live on student loans the way most people do. I think I'm already burnt out.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Oh Dear God No! Don't go with student loans. I'm stuck in Texas because of those fucking things.