Friday, January 27, 2012

227. Dinner and a Play

Date night happened. We went to a little sushi place down the street called Cafe Mochi. I've been there once before, and was both surprised and relieved to find that it is possible to get some decent soosh in the midwest. It's not quite as rich and perfect as west coast seafood, but it's far from disappointing. Taste buds rejoiced.

Being that it's Friday night, we should have allotted more time for dinner. We squeaked out of the restaurant at a quarter to 8, and had to dash across town so I could sign in with my professor before the play started. Luckily, I am awesome at driving race car style, and made it with 5 minutes to spare. Much credit is also due to the Wizard for dropping me off at the door and parking the car on my behalf.

Oleanna was intense. It ran 90 minutes, and the part of John was played by a guy I swore looked just like Elsworth (see Deadwood), and who reminded the Wizard of Richard Dreyfuss à la Mr. Holland's Opus. Whichever you choose, he was fantastic. His timing, his reactions, his mannerisms...stellar. The girl playing Carol was also good, but I think I am less enamored with her because she made me deeply uncomfortable. I suppose that means she did exactly what she was cast to do, and therefore, deserves equal credit for her performance. We left the theater babbling at each other all the way to the grocery store to buy eggs, all the way home, up the stairs, into the house, and for another 20 minutes or so. Total date success.

Now it's late, and it's pouring rain, backlit by streetlamps. We're drinking cheap sake and watching Mayday run catnip laps around the apartment. The Wizard is doing his taxes. Frank-dog is napping on his purple pillow and casting pitiful glances in my direction.

Happy Friday, Internets.
Until tomorrow...

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