Sunday, January 29, 2012

229. Sundae

The highlight of my Sunday was eating a ham sandwich while at my parent's house. I love ham. Seriously, I could live on ham sammiches, and I would be completely fine with that. That may have been why it was the best part of my day, but I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that the entire rest of the day was spent doing homework. I'm so tired it feels like my eyeballs are melting down my cheeks.

Johnny left on tour this morning, and won't be back until Friday night. He's in Springfield tonight, and Branson tomorrow. I hate spending that long apart, but at the same time, I took this many credit hours because I knew he'd be gone and I wanted to keep myself occupied. Since I am quite busy, I'm hoping I won't have time to notice he isn't here.
Except that I do notice. And I miss him already.

Last night I worked on the awful painting pretty late before I gave up on it and cried a bunch. I promise I wasn't expecting it to come out well. It's just that after spending several hours on something, you feel pretty emotionally invested in it. By the time I was done, I realized that I had painted a sad, cyborg version of myself. And now I have to paint over her, which feels a little like destroying a piece of myself. That feeling might only make sense to other people who do creative things, I don't know. Once I realized that, I was fine. The Wizard was also exceptionally supportive and sweet, which helped a lot.

So I plan to try again. I'm hoping to get it primed and start a new painting if I can find some free time this week. This time I will try to take it more slowly, and be more patient.

Besides that, my fingers are crossed and double-crossed that I get my last w-2 tomorrow. I am dying to do my taxes, so I will know if I can afford any sort of travel in the near future or not. I neeeeeed a vacation. Oh, MAN.
Somewhere with sand, and a nice view of the sea would be perfect.

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