Tuesday, January 31, 2012

231. Expletives.

Day 2 of insanely amazing unseasonably warm weather, and I have yet to get to indulge myself in any of it. I even left work two hours early today, with every intention of taking poochers to the park for a long, stress-relieving walk through Tower Grove. That didn't happen.

Instead, I came home in a panic again, over how much homework I have to do. I finished my assignment for math, due tomorrow, made a lurvely soup, and spent the next 4 hours reading 1 chapter in my history book. 30 pages of dryyyyyyyeeeeeeee information that I cannot absorb to save my life. The part about the Salem witch trials was pretty good, but otherwise, I have very little idea of what I read. It probably shouldn't have taken quite that long, but my attention kept drifting to a PBS documentary on Annie Oakley...

I owe you two apologies today, if you have the misfortune of reading this blog with any sort of regularity.
Apology #1; Sorry for the Mad Madame Mim yesterday. I was delirious with financial glee.
Apology #2; This one is going to be a recurring theme, because I'm apologizing, but it doesn't mean I'm going to stop. I am really really sorry for the constant stress-bitching in regards to school. I have learned my lesson, and will never attempt to take 10 credit hours (or four classes, whichever the case may be) while working full time again.

I'm drowning.
The Wizard is going to be out of town M-F every week for the next...four months? Approximately? So I have these four classes to keep me busy, but I'm trying to get all of my work done during the week while he's gone, so that I have my weekends free to spend with him. This plan isn't working so well, I want to cry because every waking moment of my days are packed with work and school, and I'm going to end up crying all over him because I'm so stressed and/or miserable about the whole thing.

This is week 3 of 16. I know I can do this, or I wouldn't have tried. I just have to breathe and keep the pressure on. What concerns me is that so far, I have a B in two of my four classes, when I refuse to accept anything less than straight A's. I need to be spending more time focusing on each class and ideally spending at least a little time on myself...like walking my dog or running.
Only I can't.
There is no time.

I'm seriously considering dropping something, except that the one thing I could honestly drop without losing ground would be yoga, and yoga is both the easiest A, and the one stress-relieving activity I have to look forward to. I could drop history, but I won't.

Anyway. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not being interesting. I've never had such a packed schedule before, and it just happened to coincide with my decision to blog every day for a year.
It might be a really long year.

Here's something better to end on... Go check out some artwork by my brother.
I'm going to try and pretend my dog didn't just fart right next to me. (o__O)

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