Saturday, February 4, 2012

234. #Febphotoaday

As if I don't try to cram enough hobbies and personal growth into my days, I decided to take part in the Instagram #febphotoaday challenge. I post at least one photo, usually more, nearly every single day anyway, so the only real stretch for me is the fact that every day has a theme. I'm getting pretty sick of my daily panic attack posts, so this should be a nice change of pace.

Day 1: My View
This is a quick shot I snapped right before the start of math class on Wednesday. Everything about my school feels dated, and I sort of enjoy that. Here, I like the shapes and complimentary colors, the way it's sort of abstract, yet you can still tell exactly what you're looking at.

Day 2: Words
I've posted before about my ridiculous obsession with Charles Bukowski. I love that dirty old man, almost as much as I love Tom Waits (which is A LOT). This is the last four lines of a poem called "Pulled Down Shade", which appears in The Last Night of the Earth Poems. It's a relatively long poem, but these lines appear on a page all by themselves. I agree with their sentiment wholeheartedly.

Day 3: Hands
Johnny and I were making vegetarian chili last night. Earlier in the day I had attempted to shoot my own hands using the timer on my iPhone, but I just couldn't get anything to come out right. This shot is from my Hipstamatic, using, of course, my fave Foodie Snap Pak. I think I like it because it's messy, I don't know. He has lovely hands, and they're always doing interesting things.

Day 4: A Stranger
This one was the most difficult so far. Total strangers do not want their photo taken because they assume you are creepy, or are up to some nefarious business, like harvesting their soul with your camera and selling it on the black market for profit. I did see a lot of strangers today, but I lack the guts to ask if I can take their picture with my phone. If I had been carrying one of my Canons, maybe...but in this case, I ended up bending the theme a bit.

Yoga did not happen this afternoon. The Wizard is feeling under the weather from a week on the road, so I ventured out again with the Frank-dog. It wasn't raining this time, but it's about 10 degrees cooler and the air has been laden with a soft plushy fog all day.

While I didn't end up photographing people in the park, I did spend a lot of time with the trees. This weekend's hashtag project from @JayZombie was #strangetrees, but I ended up just shooting trees in general. It's impossible not to fall in love with every single one of them if you just give them a moment. I thoroughly believe that every tree has a face, though some of them are easier to spot than others. Sometimes they look like animals, and some look like people. Most often, I think they resemble fantastic creatures like you might find in a storybook. I usually spend our walks trying to imagine what their personalities might be like, while Frank runs circles around me screaming at  squirrels.

These were my favorites from the afternoon, the second of which I included in the hashtaggery:

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Joshua De La Noco said...

I love this project! I really love your photographs. You're able to jump into all different types environments which I find immensely impressive. Scrolling down through the post I kept saying, "That's my favorite, she do more like that - nope THAT'S my fave, I want more of those - OH Wait look at this!" I'm excited to follow this.
So many cool pics. That Lovecraft tree in the middle that you submitted is just great. I'm going to have nightmares about a tree. Sweet.

Keep doing this.
It is very cool.