Tuesday, February 7, 2012

237. A Fine Mess

Regarding running.

The farthest I have ever run at one time, without stopping, is 3 miles. 3.1 miles equals a 5k, and I have never done one. Since I moved back to Missouri, running has ceased to be a part of my regular routine. I am totally out of shape, and I really really want to get back to a time when I go at least 3 times a week.

Today, I believe I found my motivation.

The Color Run.

It's a national event, with dates throughout the country all year, but none of them are in St Louis. My closest options are Chicago and Kansas City, which happens to work out perfectly, because I am in serious need of a road trip. 

The dates for Chi and KC are both in June, which gives me a few months to get back into a shape other than "blob". We're planning to look for a new apartment around the same time, so I hope that won't throw a wrench in my plans. I think maybe I need this.


Joshua De La Noco said...

This looks so cool. I'd love to run along if I can get myself North for one of those.

Joshua De La Noco said...

I just now figured out that I need to click "Email follow-up comments."

I had no idea that you had replied to my comments.


Super Milk-Chan said...

That's ok, I click the follow-up comments button and it never works for me. I have to manually go back and check yours.
Maybe it was a glitch. I'll keep checking the box...

So yes! We should do this run! I just talked to Johnny, and I think we're going to aim for Chicago, June 2nd. If we get one more person to run with us as a team, our entry fee would only be $35 instead of $40. And we can all impose on Kahler's generous hospitality for the weekend. Mua...ha-ha...ha...HA.

Joshua De La Noco said...

A Shy-Town Run will kick ass. I'm down. It's right before the last week of school so it'll be like a little pre-postparty for me.
Let's do the thing.

And yeah, no follow up comments were emailed to me.