Sunday, February 12, 2012

242. #febphotoaday Part 2

It's been about a week since the last #febphotoaday post, so here's what I've been up to. This week involves multiple instances of toast, and overall, I'm not as excited about this set of photos. Still having entirely too much fun with it though. It's like a scavenger hunt, every day!

Day 5: 10am
At 10am last Sunday, the Wizard and I were making breakfast together. We were attempting to poach eggs using a pot and coffee cups as a double boiler. We also fried some sweet potato home fries, and served it all with toast and fruit. Everything tasted great, except the eggs. The double boiler experiment failed, and the yolks were over-cooked. Sad.
We ate it anyway.

Day 6: Dinner
Food photo number two. This was a quick dinner for one, which I threw together before math class on Monday night. It's an eggplant and fried egg sandwich, with spinach, sauteed onion, Swiss cheese and siracha on wheat toast.
I don't really like this photo, but I didn't have much time to spend on it. I hate cold egg sandwiches. You can see in the background that I forgot to turn off the burner before I started trying to photo my dinner.

Day 7: Button
I was hellbent on using my Hipstamatic for this one, and I think I spent at least half an hour taking shot after shot until I finally caught these with the placement I was hoping for. The Hipstamatic simulates a shitty disposable camera, so what you see in the viewfinder is not how your final image will turn out. It randomly offsets the subject, which gives a really careless look to the photo, but is tricky to use if you have something specific in mind.
As for the buttons, "lonely?" is a silly thing I found at a Buffalo Exchange in Seattle several years ago. The Zim Zam Kok Show button was sketched and made by the Wizard. He gave/lent it to me shortly after we started dating. It's kind of nerdy, considering I was never around in order to see a single performance of the sketch comedy show, but I guess it's not that bad. I am dating the man who wore the Kok suit, afterall.

Day 8: The Sun
There was no sun on February 8th. Not even briefly.
I decided the best course of action would be to make one of my own.
In MS Paint.

Day 9: Front Door
This is where we live. If you look closely, you can see a pink chalk heart I drew on the door months ago, when I was drunk. Still there.

Day 10: Self Portrait
Naturally, the day that I am supposed to take a photo of myself, I would feel particularly un-photogenic. I took this in my cubicle at work.

Day 11: Something That Makes You Happy
Wizards make me happy!! This is the first photo I took on my new iPhone 4s yesterday, while we were waiting for our lunch at Pointer's Pizza.

And while I'm at it, here's the aforementioned anchovy pizza. Pointers is fantastic...I think it may be my new favorite. They also offer a gigantic version, The Pointersaurus. If you and one other person can eat the table-sized monstrosity in one sitting, it's free. My confidence might be bigger than my stomach, but I feel almost certain I could do it. It's that good.

Day 12: Inside Your Closet
A lot of empty hangers, which tells me maybe I need to do laundry today. Also, notice the giant crack in the wall. Our building is sinking. This had been repaired when we moved in, but has since reappeared. We also have to pull up really hard on all the door handles in order to lock or unlock the doors. I suspect that if there is ever an earthquake, we'll probably fall through the floor and land on my downstairs neighbor. One of several reasons we plan to find a new apartment in May.

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