Wednesday, February 15, 2012

244. 48 Hour Recap

I don't have any, really. I had too much fun on Valentine's Day, and I fell asleep without blogging. Ah well. I think that was strike three on the daily blog, so at this point, I'm not even going to worry about it. I'm still going to blog every day if possible, but I'm not going to worry about 365 in a row.
Many kudos to Josh, who is still going strong. He hasn't missed a day. Regardless, the daily blogging has been good for me, and I look forward to it most of the time.

To recap the past 2 days, yesterday was Valentine's Day! I normally do not care AT ALL about this holiday. It's a day of women making men feel shitty if they forget to buy them something, and men stressing out because they don't know if they're even buying the right thing. Obligatory purchases are NOT romantic.

But when a boy participates in the holiday, not because he has to, but just's pretty rad.

I received an email around 10am saying I had a delivery at the front desk, and thought nothing of it. I get work-related deliveries sometimes. Boring.
I waited until 1, when I went down to get lunch.

My package, it turned out, was a box. A tall box, that said FTD.

The Wizard sent me the coolest thing! Not flowers so much, but a shrub covered in flowers. Lavender colored Heather, to "spruce" up my desk. :P

I was quite surprised. And delighted.

After that, Vday got pretty punk. I took the mister to Lemmons, for a very cheesy pizza and beers at the bar. Somebody ordered a car bomb, and everyone around them decided this was a good idea, us included. We had a lovely time.

Doing shots with strangers.

Afterward, we stopped at the store to buy some coffee, and ended up in line with a guy I remembered from jury duty a few months ago. I think he was drunk...
He says he's an attorney, but he reminds me of a really bumbling Dustin Hoffman.

We came home and had one more drink, but fell asleep pretty immediately.
So that was Valentine's.

Today was math. We had a test on Monday night, which we got back tonight. I was terrified I had completely screwed this up, but I got 97%! And that was all on my own, not multiple choice.
I'm feeling pretty genius roundabout now. Illusion, though it may be.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Right On Genius.
My voice teacher at FSU, Patricia Delorey, had a wonderful phrase that I took to heart and carry about every effort that I really care about, "Gentle Discipline."
I learned self-discipline from the do-or-die mentality of football so it really was tectonic shift for me to really grasp the profundity of this outlook.

So, I love that you brought Gentle Discipline to your blog. Sure, you miss a day, but that's not really the point. You blog, and therefore, write a lot. Which is impressive.

Besides, days off make it easier to choose what to talk about.

My comments are overly long.