Friday, February 17, 2012

246. 3 Day Weekend!!!

As the title suggests, I have taken Monday off.

Did you think my employer observes President's Day?

I used my own paid time off because I need a long weekend. OOOOOYYYYYY. Hopefully, I catch up on some homework, relax, and get some exercise. I should have gone running today, but I felt that History took priority.

So um. Yeah.
Ate a lot of stuff.
Drank a lot.
Watched the entirety of Portlandia, season 1.

I am very behind. True. I don't have cable or watch tv, so even if a show pays homage to my homeland of the PNW, starring a guitarist from one of my top bands of all time, Sleater-Kinney...I don't watch until way later. Oh well.

What's interesting today...
I applied for a job. It's an internal posting I can pretty much tell I am not qualified for, but I tried. It pays a lot more, so that would solve a ton of problems. I won't get it though.

Alaska! Maybe! I don't know. It's expensive, but the Wizard says he's down, so we're going to try. I don't like that my parents can't come. I don't like that they're disappointed, and I don't like that they deserve to be there and won't be. Maybe I'm old, but it seems to me that weddings are a lot more for the family than they are the couple, and I think excluding them is sad.
Finances are still a major player, and I'm going to have to work on that. I also really really don't want to miss the 5k. It's stupid, but I was honestly looking forward to it. I don't think we can do both, but maybe something will change? I have 3 months, at least. Almost 4.
A lot could change.

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