Saturday, February 18, 2012

247. Abandoned Places

The day went like this...

Sort of slept in late, but am too used to waking up early to actually go back to sleep after 6am. By 8:30, the pets were trampling us for attention, breakfast, and going outside.

Made coffee while quoting Freakazoid with the Wizard. Decided that the only way to end this would be to watch Freakazoid, and was delighted to find that every episode ever made is available, in full, on YouTube. Watched several episodes over coffee and fried eggs.

Read Buried Child, by Sam Shepard, for class.

Took the neglected pooch for a much needed walk in my neighborhood.
iPhone photographed these amazingly dilapidated apartment buildings...probably shouldn't have been there, but it was broad daylight. I hope very much to go back over there this weekend and capture basically the same shots and more with a real camera.

Talked to my brother about preliminary wedding/travel plans. He's in Napa with the fiance today, playing hoity-toity with the pretentious winery types.

Went to a free Kundalini yoga class. It was meditation heavy, but also very physically challenging for my wimpy girl arms. The studio was beautiful, and the instructor was a delight. I left feeling like the world was more vibrant, and with a heightened awareness of details and subtleties around me.

Got started on my response to Buried Child, which is due tomorrow.

Baked brownies from scratch, with my favorite recipe from America's Test Kitchen.

Dragged the Wizard and pooch to my parent's house for dinner. Watched Mulholland Falls and some episodes of Soap, ate too much delicious stuff, drank wine, and played with dogs all night. Frank had so much fun he passed out on my dad.

Am now home, and intend to curl up with the Wizard for the remainder of SNL, after which I am calling it a night.

Thought for the day:
Every word you speak comes from silence.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Happy little pooch. I love doing yoga, although I always fear, but secretly hope, there's a camera watching me attempt it. Comedy Gold.