Monday, February 20, 2012

248. #Febphotoaday Part 3

There was no Sunday post because we crashed at Cliff and Ricka's after a raucous game night. To compensate, I have decided that there will be two posts today. One in the morning and another this evening.

I did make it back over to the abandoned apartments with my dslr yesterday afternoon. I had a hard time with framing my shots for some reason. I don't want to have to crop them down, because I don't know how that would come into play during printing, but the rectangle frame seemed to be too inclusive. I don't think the 4651 shot is going to work at all. I couldn't get close enough without cutting out parts of the windows. The sofa shot is easily my favorite, however, and I think the final version should work. I may be able to include at least the edited version of that one in my second post tonight.

Here are the #febphotoaday posts from the last week...

Day 13: Blue
I had a stupid amount fun putting this shot together. I may end up doing a cheesy still life series on film or dslr at some point.

Day 14: Heart
 Janelle gave me this necklace years ago, the night of the 75's and Hobowives show at Lemmons. I had come into town from Seattle to visit, and ended up drunk dancing all night with the Wizard. It was a very good time indeed.

Day 15: Phone
I bought this phone years ago on Ebay, when I still had a landline. It works perfectly, but I haven't used it since I got my first cell phone. Now it's just a decorative piece that sits on my living room end table, and finds itself the subject of photos every now and again. The newspaper under it is Sauce Magazine, a free St. Louis foodie publication I love. I wish this shot had been a bit less noisy, but I took it at night, and there wasn't a lot of light to work with.

Day 16: Something New
This one was a stretch because I didn't get anything new that day. I didn't even go to a store. But since I had just opened it, that made it new (to me).

Day 17: Time
I was very excited about this one. I had waited all day, keeping my eye out for a real clock to take a picture of, and then I saw this one on Meramec, driving home from work. It's the sign for a mortuary that appears to have been out of business for some time (ha), and it was exactly what I had been hoping to find.

Day 18: Drink
I guess there were a lot of drinks this Whiskey soda, garnished with a lemon, and homework.

Day 19: Something You Hate To Do
LAUNDRY. Oh, my gosh, I wish someone would do my laundry for me. What a giant pain that is. I wouldn't mind if the washer and dryer were actually *in* my apartment, but they're in the basement, which we share with our downstairs neighbor. She's a giant slob whose belongings greatly outnumber ours, take up way more than her half, and seem strewn about almost intentionally, as if to claim the entire basement as her own. She has at least three cat boxes all located directly under our clothes line, along with a keyboard and exercise equipment she doesn't use, making it quite difficult to navigate around. If I had to name the number one reason we're looking for a new apartment, it's her. /rant.

Alright, I suppose that'll do for now.
Second post will be forthcoming this evening, once I figure out what to write about.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

I have little to say except that I love this project. So very cool.