Thursday, February 23, 2012

252. Tonight is Mine

Inadvertent night off -
Due to my visit to the guidance counselor's office, I missed my Yoga class. No stress, Crazy Yoga Lady said we were allowed to miss 2 and still get an A. Also, should I find myself bored one morning, I'm allowed to make it up.

My visit to the counselor was important. He laid out my degree requirements for me in comparison to the classes I've taken, which turned out to be better than I was expecting. It turns out my catch-up math classes are counting for something in elective form, instead of nothing, like I thought.

We also talked about career choices and what my options might be. I came prepared with this spreadsheet of interests, skills, values, et al, and he attempted to piece them together into something resembling my destiny. It was fun, but it was clear he is no Zoltar.
Even so, it did help a bit.

I left with no time to make it to my class, so I decided to make the best of it. Grocery store, wine, home to make dinner. STUFFED myself and have polished off half a bottle of Norton already. Overly-indulgent, you say? I say POO.

I am happy to say that I have already completed all of my homework assignments for the week. I have the entire weekend open to working on things that get me ahead for the semester. I fucking rule. I am an invincible academic monster. You can send all of the heroes and warlords you like, I will prevail. I will chew up your heroes like french bread, and spew them forth over the middle kingdom. Good God, I am invincible, and it's only 8pm.

Stark contrast to yesterday. Which, by the way, I made something else I didn't show you. My misery results in strange MS Paint drawrings. I won't deny it. I call this one Lumpy. He makes me giggle.

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