Friday, February 24, 2012

253. I Suppose That'll Do


I'm trying to think of what to write today, because I'm tired.

I overslept and was 1/2 an hour late.
Today was pay day.
The weather was crazy.
Snow dumped from the skies on two occasions, for approximately 10 minutes each time.
No warning.
Totally was not a day that you would think might involve snow.
It was 45 degrees.
I applied for a job that sounds both scary and interesting.
I'm fairly certain I'm not qualified for that job, but I thought, what the hell.
It's not like I'm in a position to change jobs right now, anyway.
It's the company that publishes Gray's Anatomy.
They're located like, 2 blocks away from my current job. 
Drove home to stunning clouds.
Stopped to take photos on my phone because I do things like that.
The Wizard returned.
I gave him a ride home from an audition for some music social media blog thing.
Groceries were purchased.
Cheese was consumed.
Blogging occurred.

The End.

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