Saturday, February 25, 2012

254. The Return of Mamet

Mamet, David.
The Repertory Theater.

I feel so much like I should hate Mamet. Race is the second of his plays I've seen, and each time, contrary to my predilections, I've come away fascinated. He pokes around with topics I have no interest in, yet I think what he does is genuinely intriguing. Each time, the Wizard and I leave with this delightfully heated topic to toss around, which has as much to do with the subject matter as it does the execution.

Race was great. I've never been to The Rep before...our seats may as well have been ON the stage. When we saw Oleanna last month, it was intense. It was supposed to be that way, but it was equally infuriating. I read the script, and it while it got to the point, it felt like excessive filler. This was different. A more polished script, containing enough zingers to keep us giggling for the 90 minute duration, yet every piece of dialogue felt purposeful. Great acting. Every person on stage had an impressive resume of CSI/Law & Order/cop and courtroom dramas, on top of being Juliard/NYU trained professional actors.

They. Were. Fantastic.

Now we're home and taking a voter survey from our house representative, debating every question aloud. This is too much fun. Remind me to go to the theater more often, will you?

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