Saturday, March 3, 2012

258. Back and Better Forever

Sorry sorry sorry! Internets are fixed and I am back!
Ok, it's true, no one really missed a few posts about nothing. But I missed posting.

So the last couple of days...
Got another B on a history quiz, ordered invitations for the LU reunion, and plans fell through for Alaska. I guess the plans didn't exactly fall through so much as I've backed out, but either way, we aren't going to fly up for my brother's wedding. I want very much to be there, but he's opted to make it a total non-ceremony in which papers would be signed before we ever arrived, and the focus would be on my getting a vacation. As much as I genuinely want and need a vacation, and would kill to see Alaska through the eyes of my brother, I can't justify the trip for vacation purposes alone.

SO! What does this mean? It means we're back to the initial plans of moving into a new apartment (if we can find one) around May 1st, and hopefully running a 5k in Chicago on June 1st.

JOSH ROWAN! I am talking to you!
Do you still want to do the Color Run?! GAME ON.

Um...other stuff...
I owe you a post on the final photos from #febphotoaday, but I think that's going to wait until tomorrow. Today, I'm going to go poem. I challenged the aforesaid Mr. Rowan to write a poem by February 29th, and I am late. Kudos to you, sir, for remembering. Regardless, here's what I came up with:
I was all alone
vinyl lines blurred
from one to the next
Just couldn't help myself
pensive as a bird
still waiting for your text

Blue dawn, black eyes
sleep and I haven't
spoken in days

I'm a vagrant pawn
long days wasting
in a bitter place
You're a cannibal fawn
gun-shy and drifting
in another rat race

Cold sky, red eyes
and I was only lonely
for you, just you

Couldn't be just us, I see
you're long gone
and I'm still here
there's nobody else but me
I can rely on
beyond the bathroom mirror

Last current obsession...
I cannot express how in love with this band I am. They are by far The. Best. Band. I have encountered in some time, and I am both proud and not even slightly surprised to find they're from Seattle. Youtube more of their KEXP session, or the Jason's basement video, or just go to their Bandcamp site and purchase their music, because it's only $2 per 2 song release, even though they will totally let you listen to every track for free as many times as you might want.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Well I for one missed your post tremendously and I'm damned glad your back! Also, I like your poem. Well done Madam. And if you don't like the ending you can always rewrite it. Poems are not made of stone. Thank you for the music. Purchases will be made.

Finally, a resounding HELL YESS. Let's do the Color Run! I can fly up to Chicago on Thursday night an d make a weekend of it.

Question. Should we consult Matt and Sarah or should the three of us just meet up and land on their doorstep?