Monday, March 5, 2012

260. Monday Part II

It's time to get serious about running again.

Much of my afternoon was spent reading about socks and blister prevention. The key here seems to be minimizing friction, because friction causes blisters. Oh...well, duh.

My running coach friend's suggestion of coating my feet in Vaseline before a run was confirmed as a potential solution. Also, I discovered that dry skin causes blisters just as often as your feet being too moist. Callouses are good and all, but a nightly foot cream was recommended to keep your feet soft and happy.

I left work and drove straight to REI, where I purchased two new pairs of running socks, both of which specifically claim to prevent blistering.

First, SmartWool PhD.
  • Soft merino wool provides excellent temperature control, odor control and moisture management; reinforced with stretch nylon to maintain fit
  • SmartFit system II uses a 4-point banded compression system to deliver a secure fit above and below heels, under arches and across insteps
  • SmartFit system II incorporates a contour flex zone at the front of each ankle to eliminate bunching, slipping and sagging
  • Features padded Achilles tabs to protect the Achilles and help secure the fit
  • High-density impact zones under heels and forefeet (where impact is greatest) protect against shock and abrasion
  • Low-density zones under arches and at Achilles reduces weight without sacrificing fit or support
  • Strategic Mesh Zones offer maximum ventilation in critical areas to vent perspiration and heat
 Next, something a little more unusual.
injinji Runner's Toe Socks.
  • CoolMax® polyester wicks moisture, dries quickly and breathes well, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cool, dry feet; nylon is added for durability
  • Individual anatomic toe sleeves form a thin anti-blister membrane between toes to eliminate skin-against-skin friction
  • 2-ply construction prevents sock movement while increasing wicking and circulation
  • Precisely stitched heels deter bunching and help provide a comfortable fit and easy layering
  • Double-layered welt top maintains shape for long-lasting performance and support
I'm not certain either of these socks will work out. I bought the lightweight toe socks because I was afraid of too much bulk inside my shoes, but they may turn out to be too thin. Also, I bought a size too small on the SmartWool, but only by about 1/2 a shoe size, so I'm going to try them anyway. REI has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy, thankfully.

There is one other style made by Nike, which I am especially interested in, but these things are expensive. A third pair is going to have to wait until Friday, or until I decide to return one of these.

Finally, I made a stop at Walgreens for some Vaseline, as well as Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme after royally bombing my math quiz this evening. Good job.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees.
I have requested to leave work an hour early so I still have plenty of daylight.
x fingers crossed x

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Right on homie. Tell me about the toe socks. I'm always tempted to get them for almost all purposes.

I'm also thinking about getting those toe-shoes. But you seem more the expert on all of this, so do you know much about that stuff.

Glad you're not letting the blisters stop you.