Thursday, March 8, 2012

261. #Febphotoaday Part IV, the Finale

Indeed, it is midterm week, which is why I haven't posted in 2 days. Tuesday night I did run, but after I got home, I studied my ass off for my math test, which was last night. After getting a 60% on my quiz Monday, the worst grade I have gotten on anything yet, I was terrified. But studying paid off. I haven't seen my test score yet, but I felt confident in every answer. I got an A on the homework I turned in last night, which was the study guide for the test, and my midterm grade posted today - A!

I've still got a monster history midterm to annihilate, or at least survive, tomorrow, and a paper on Ibsen's A Doll's House to poop out this weekend. Tonight is Yoga. T-40 minutes.

So, my run! It was good, but I can't give a review on the socks just yet. The injinjis were up first, because to be honest, I have the most hope for them. I think I ran about a mile and a half to two miles, and had to break it up with a walk break in the middle. This is what happens when you only run once every 10 days...
The good news is, I did not get a single blister. I really thought I could feel them forming, but I got home and there was nothing. The injinjis are super comfortable and fun to wear, but I'm glad I got the lightweights because my feet get pretty hot. It occurred to me this may have something to do with the fact that I run in sweats. I'm thinking maybe lighter pants would keep my temperature down, with the side effect of cooler feet. Maybe.
I think the design is perfect for protecting my little outer toes, but I have a feeling that had I continued to run, my big toes would have blistered. They're rubbing against the inside of me shoes. Time for new kicks? Prolly.
Tomorrow, I hope to try out the SmartWool pair.

Enough about socks. I promised the finale of #febphotoaday, and I intend to deliver.

Day 20: Handwriting
Mine. Toying with a short story. Never went anywhere beyond the exposition.

Day 21: A Fave Photo of You
This is the one and only shot that I did not take *that day* during the entire month challenge. I think this photo is 3 years old now. The horse is Idaho, one of my two all time favorites. He's a thoroughbred, and the most amazing ride, but he senses fear and reacts to it more than any other horse I've ridden. That fact makes me a better rider, because I have to be brave for both of us, and when there's a chance you're going to fall, that's hard to do.
The day this was taken was the first time I have ever jumped a small course, and in it was a 3'6" fence, the highest I had ever jumped up to that point. I am never as happy or as proud of myself as I am after a good ride, and this was a great ride.

Day 22: Where You Work
See also, places I despise.

Day 23: Your Shoes
Current fave pair. Wearing them right now, in fact.
Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
Oddly, this was the photo I was looking forward to the most. It came out exactly how I wanted, and I love the result.

Day 25: Green
Green bean, white bean, and spinach soup! So tasty.
Day 26: Night
I'm amazed that this happened, because I was pretty sure I was going to have nothing. This is the Schulz homestead. We were grilling some fish.

Day 27: Something You Ate
I figured I already included food, so yeah. Candy! I love this treatment. It looked like a silent movie to me.

Day 28: Money
I was reading about the writing of the constitution that night, for history class. Seemed appropriate.

Day 29: Something You're Listening To
Belle & Sebastian, Boy with the Arab Strap, on vinyl.

And that's the end!


Joshua De La Noco said...

I really really love your photographs. I kept staring at the medicine cabinet and it kept going back and forth between being one photo and then a collage of three. Well done on the challenge B. Thanks for sharing them.

Lexi-Lupa said...

Favorite Belle And Sebastian album.

Just saying.


(PS: the captcha is Precl Thoria, which sounds like a horrible disease derived from the common German cold.)