Friday, March 9, 2012

262. Epic Times

Epic ending to the week, I have to say. Firstly, I finally gathered the courage to go and ask the highly intimidating HR lady for a meeting. I am sick of being stuck in my current position, and I have begun applying for jobs outside the company. Only it would be much more logical to stay with the company and keep all of my accrued PTO. So I'm working on that. She looked both surprised and slightly impressed, and we have a meeting Tuesday. I hope that bodes well.

Second! Running. I did that.
Tried out the SmartWool today, plus Vaseline toes. Took an easy going pace, but really pushed myself. Ran the entire time, no walk breaks. I just mapped my run and it was 2.53 miles! Not only that, I am came out of it relatively blister free. YAY! Which is to say, by the end, I began to blister, but it was on the balls of my feet, not my toes. Those are normal, bearable blisters. I don't know that the SmartWool rates ideal, but I cannot complain. And they were really comfortable.

Dinner! The Wizard and I made a pretty fantastical curry vegetable mess. Very very spicy. Best of all, he's home, and I missed him like crazy. Weekend...COMMENCE!

Frank-dog seems to have sore feet too. My running partner has been endlessly licking his paws since we got back. If he isn't licking them, he's lying on the couch with them sort of stuck up in the air, gazing at me like I'm the greatest person alive.
This is what makes dogs so incredible. They're down for every little adventure, and they'll never complain. And when you come home at the end of the day, sore and tired, they'll flop right next to you on the couch, utterly content to be in your company. I adore this pooch.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Yay running. Yay Frank Dog. I've never met the little man,so all I have to go on are the photos, but I love him all the same.