Monday, March 12, 2012

264. Stuffiness on a Sunny Day

Work just didn't work out today.
I woke up feeling horrid. Slept poorly, tossed and turned all night due to stuffiness, so that by morning, my throat was swollen and sore. My decision to call in sick came about 1/3 of the way to work. I just couldn't make myself go, so I turned around, came home, and went back to bed. I slept until 1:30, and though the sore throat persisted, I felt quite a bit better.

Frank and I spent the afternoon wandering the park. This was the first really warm day of the year; I think it reached 83 for the high. We stopped for an iced coffee and spent the next two hours slowly circling the park, playing with my iPhone camera, and barking at things. The barking was Frank's contribution.

Super tasty, healthy dinner - Cannellini beans and kale, topped with sriracha and rolled up in a tortilla. Have I mentioned my obsession with sriracha/chili paste? How I adore this condiment. I put it on almost everything these days. That might mean I'm in a rut, but it's SO. GOOD.

I attempted to go shopping this evening. I thought, "Hey, maybe I should start looking a little more professional, and get some new clothes for work." Lesson of the day: Target is not the place to accomplish this. Neither is JC Penney. I found myself trying not to vomit over the fact that every top/blouse/thing is in a sickening office camo print. You know the kind...the abstract florals, snake skins, and vibrant-but-confused geometrics? They always seem to come in the most flammable materials, fit strangely, and look like they pair perfectly with all of that fake costume jewelry in the next department.

Perhaps I'll have better luck at The Gap, or Express. I don't know. I'm just really over discount fashion. I don't want to pay $150 at Macy's either, because all you're doing is paying for a brand name. I just want quality, well-designed clothing. I am sick of seeing the same 5 styles of blouse recycled over and over again with this year's assortment of Magic Eye patterns.
I tried some of them on, for a lark. I can tell you that I looked and felt ridiculous.

Moving on, I've been trying to decide what I plan to bake this week. I'm considering Lemon-Lime Polenta Sandwich Cookies, because I have this fantastic looking recipe I've been wanting to try for a while now. Only I'm afraid sandwich cookies might be aiming sort of low. I suppose I could go for a pie, or maybe try a souffle'...clearly more research is necessary.


Joshua De La Noco said...

Nice day off. My vote is make whatever you want to eat. It'll be fun. Besides, there's always next week for something more complicated.

Rocky's Mama said...

have you tried goodwill? I used to get all my work clothes there. Not the hippest, but cheap fo sho.

Super Milk-Chan said...

I used to thrift EVERYTHING when I lived in Washington! It was great! But ever since moving to StL, I can't find anything. The few we have are a sad state of affairs, indeed.