Tuesday, March 13, 2012

265. Exhaustivo y Productamundo (Fake Spanish is Fun)

Eee, so tired.

I still can't tell if I actually have a cold, or if it's a really strange allergic reaction to the sudden change in weather. Tossed and turned all night, and still had a swollen throat this morning.

By afternoon, it was much better. I had my meeting with the intimidating HR lady, who seemed quite flattered that I would want to pick her brain. She didn't have any earth-shattering suggestions, but she pointed me in the right direction. Maybe the lesson here is treat your HR department like the school guidance counselor?

Went running, but only made it 2 miles. I feel pretty good about that considering how sick I felt this morning. I really had to egg myself on the entire way, too.
I have decided the toe socks are not the best. They protect the little outer toes, but the sides of my big toes still rubbed against my shoes. That might be because I bought the lightweight version, but I can't imagine wearing the heavier ones.

My spring break thus far has contained way more homework than I would like...Tonight I finished reading The Laramie Project, and followed it almost immediately with watching the movie.
(There was a happy bubble bath and Billie Holiday in between.)
I really didn't think I was up for the movie after just finishing the play. That's a lot of heavy for one night, and the play is heavy-heavy. In the end, I was glad I watched it, though. I hadn't realized every one in the universe is in it. And because the list of characters is SO long, I had a hard time keeping track of who was talking while I was reading. Per usual, that was resolved by putting a face to the dialogue.
Also, the film stays very true to the play. There are some lines that are shortened, and the moments are frequently rearranged to create a better flow for film, but nothing was lost. I think I even noticed some extra interviews added for the film version.

I'm really looking forward to a baking post tomorrow. I think I've been too "here's how my day went" lately. I apologize if it's been pretty dull. I still haven't decided what to make...
I'm leaning toward the lemon-lime polenta sandwich cookies because they sound so different. Also, pretty sure I would be able to freeze them, since I have no one to help me eat them until probably Friday.
Because why waste good cookies on mediocre co-workers?

I'd really like to make this Thai-inspired tapioca pudding recipe I found, but it looks a little too involved for a weeknight. Perhaps that will be another post soon.

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