Friday, March 16, 2012

267. Luck o' the Irish

2.5 miles.
No blisters.

I'm beginning to wonder if my blisters from a few weeks ago were sort of like Kim Deal returning to play bass for the Pixies reunion tour after the group had been on hiatus for something like 10 years.

Frank got a bath after our run, and spent the next half hour galloping from one end of the apartment to the other in post-traumatic glee.

The Wizard returned, and we went out for sushi.

By the way, I have a job interview Tuesday! It's a call center in another branch of the company I already work for. Which...I'm not thrilled about, because I was really relieved to finally escape call center life. Except that I've heard it pays substantially more than my current job, and it's a tier 1 help desk position. I don't know that I want to end up in IT, but it looks pretty great on a resume. PLUS! I won't have to talk to real customers, I'll only have to talk to DOCTORS! (That's actually not necessarily a good thing, because doctors can be some of the most cranky, no-patience having people ever.) But I have hope that this job will keep my inquisitive brain well-fed with delicious information, and not make me want to hang myself. The schedule is also less conducive to my classes, but I think it should be ok.

And I got a raise today. 3%...annual review time. I'm kind of a big deal........HA!!!!

Altogether, a pretty lucky day!
Oh, last thing. Those cookies I made? Yeah...totally making them again. They just needed to spend a night in the fridge for the frosted center to firm up. During that time, the lime zest really had a chance to permeate the cookie center. They're fabulous, and cakey, and zesty. So good.
Be sure you cruise by Joshy's blog for his DELICIOUS LOOKING bread pudding results from our bake off!

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