Monday, March 19, 2012

268. Slacker!

This weekend was a little rough. I kept looking at the computer, and wanting to post, and then shaking my head and walking away. I think I was focusing on a lot of crunchy negativity and I knew it was going to come out if I started writing. That's not the best excuse, but I didn't feel like subjecting anyone to it, and that's really all I can say. 

There were lots of good highlights. Dinner and drinks with the Gambinos on Saint Patrick's Day. I think the green theme was definitely looming in the back of my mind, because I picked the spanakopita for dinner, and followed it with an incredible mint chocolate stout from Perennial Artisan Ales
Mint? In beer? 
I would never have considered it, and yet! When I saw that it existed, I had to have it. And I can testify that this beer exceeded all of my imaginings on the first sip. It was like DRINKING JUNIOR MINTS. If it weren't so filling, someone would have found me giggling and swimming in a pool of the stuff  around noon the following day. And I would not be able to tell you where I left my pants. I'm sorry, but that beer will blow your pants to the moon, Alice.
The sad thing is, I think it's something they concocted specifically with Hibernian consumption in mind, because it's not one of their regulars. According to the chalkboard scrawl, it looks like they release a new beer every Thursday, and I suspect that means the previous beer of the week is simultaneously retired. 
On the bright side, Perennial is solid. They make beer fit for Greek gods. And their Roman counterparts, too. 

The previous statement was influenced, in part, by our viewing of I, Claudius last night. Like...old, 1976, BBC Masterpiece Theater, I, Claudius. We got through the first two episodes, but fell asleep on the third. It will be re-watched.
This is one of several historical/historical fiction series loaned to us by my dad, after we told him how much we loved the HBO John Adams miniseries. Which, by the way, if you haven't watched, DO IT. I kind of want to watch it again, it's that good.
But back to I, Claudius
It's dated, but it's pretty entertaining. It sort of reminds me of all the evenings I used to sit around the Okano residence watching the Arts Network with Ayako, crossed with those really dry and poorly filmed Greek tragedies we used to have to watch in junior high Drama class (see also, Medea). So it's dry and dated, but totally worth it. It's full of these subtle zingers, most of which are delivered by Siân Phillips, as Livia. She's like Anjelica Huston, if Anjelica were pretty or scary, we can't decide. I don't care. She's the Roman Cruella DeVille, only her Dalmatians are the blood-relative stepping stones standing between her son, Tiberius, and the crown. 
Murder. Intrigue. Grown men dressed like dumplings.

That brings us to today. This was a much-needed day off, and I tried to make the most of it. We had breakfast on the patio of our favorite coffee shop, Mud House. I sold some clothes to the Avalon Exchange on Delmar. Took Franco jogging, and ALMOST hit 3 miles. I did not stop, I did not get blisters. After a good stretch, we took off from the car, and made it almost back to the car again. I believe that we covered 2 3/4 miles. I'm feeling really accomplished. At the same time, I have a nagging concern that shin splints are right around the corner. I've been really careful about my form, but I've been feeling the occasional twinge that makes me think I'm on the verge. I really hope not, but I need to research preventative measures in greater detail.

I came home from the park drenched in sweat and ready for a shower. 
Tried to turn on the shower.
My water was turned off.
As I type this, 8 hours later, my water is still off.
I realized at some point during the evening that I know why. As we left this afternoon for the park, I noticed a car rammed into a fire hydrant at the end of my street. Water was spraying everywhere. I called the city water department, and they said they're still waiting for a repair crew to arrive. They have no idea when the crew should show up, and no estimate how long repairs are going to take. 
I have a job interview tomorrow, I ran this afternoon, and I cannot shower. 
This is bad.
We hit the store and purchased several gallons of water, which I intend to use to wash myself in my sink tomorrow morning if the water isn't on by then. I'm really thankful today that this isn't normal. Can you imagine having to carry water from a well or a river back to your village every day? Maybe several times a day? 
Me either.


Janieac said...


Hopefully the H2O situation is fixed by now.

Speaking of dated, but still good shows; I've been meaning to check out The Singing Detective. It sounds pretty awesome.

Joshua De La Noco said...

Heeeoly Crap. On the upside, whoever is on top of your water situation has to be better than the folks who run my apartment complex.

As they are... The. Worst. Reported a leaky faucet in November, guy came by in January, turned off hot water to the faucet, another guy came in March, turned off all water to the faucet. Nothing's happened since then. I'm thinking that around May someone will show up and just steal the bathroom sink. Something clever like that.

Now you know you had me at historical fiction. Loved John Adams. Watched straight-through twice. And of course you know I'm recommending you take a listen to "The History of Rome" podcasts. Mike Duncan is a bit kinder to our dear old Livia. Anyhoo, I'm trying to get my library to find a copy of the novel of I Claudius on cd.

Slackers don't run almost 3 miles.