Friday, March 23, 2012

269. Oh, Friday

Well, hello.

Alright. Slacker doesn't really begin to give me much excuse for my lack of posts. I just stopped, and when you stop doing things, you lose momentum.

Right. Who cares. You don't come here to read excuses, you come to read the news.
The news is this, kids:
  • I have a second interview on Wednesday. Apparently I'm going into tech support. The pay is intensely better, but I'm terrified I'm taking on too much.
  • I have not run this week. Not since Monday. Pissed...but also fearing shin splinties. Fairly certain my left is jacked, and has been made worse by heels. Trying to take it easy, but I don't want to back down.
  • Painted tonight. Actually, threw a tantrum over a wannabe painting and was consoled much by the Wizard. Inevitably, he was right, and I am my own worst enemy. I finally gave in to myself and did something. It is not good, but it is immensely better than my last (and first) attempt. 
  • We've been looking for a new apartment, and the search has only resulted in my loving our current apartment more. 
  • Watching The Rum Diary currently, and loving every minute detail.
  • Kind of thinking I've given in to my impractical side, regarding majors. The closer I push myself to a pragmatic career, the more I feel myself rebelling. I want to major in art and creative writing, and fuck the rest. Fuck it right to bits.
That's where I have to stop for now. The movie is still on.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

It's funny you're talking about majors. I think the real trick is to find the degree that is both practical and a labor of love. If it isn't both, you'll be disappointed due to the time, effort and money you put into it.

I was thinking of my degree - which the self-hate corner of my mind just LOVES to dwell on - the other day and advising my hypothetical child that when she goes to college she should double major. Grab one degree in any type of science, (and I use the word science liberally and subjectively, i.e. business, chemistry, math...)and one degree in the arts, (also used liberally and subjectively, i.e. History, Philosophy, English, Painting).

Obviously this is terrible advice for anyone who's looking for a degree soon. But it's what I wish I did. If I had it to do over I'd have gone with Math and History. Those are the two things I love the most and probably could have worked one of those into a decent career.