Saturday, March 24, 2012

270. March 24th

Saturday, Saturday...

If I spend all week looking forward to weekends, it's largely because I love having a long and relaxing breakfast with The Wizard. This morning we made fried egg sandwiches on English muffins, topped with spinach, cream cheese, cucumber and tomato. Side of banana, lots of coffee. A long critique-style discussion about the status of my painting accompanied the meal. I'm stuck, because it isn't done, but I'm really at a loss regarding where to go next.

Finished my response to The Laramie Project for class while Johnny worked on his Plaqueman sculpture. The head finally emerged from the mold last night. It's quite strange, yet fascinating to look at. He spent most of the day sanding and polishing it.

Packaged up my old laptop, which I plan to mail to Fingers crossed they aren't a terrible scammy operation, but I suspect they are. They quoted me $125, but didn't ask any real questions about the state it's in. Which is virtually non-functional. The disk drive is broken, the battery doesn't hold a charge anymore, and the ex-Mister did some crazy partition thing to the C:drive that has rendered it a cripple in need of formatting. I should be able to unpartition it, but for some reason, it won't allow me to, and I can't format it either. It's hosed, and I'm trying this selling nonsense because if I didn't, I'd be donating it to someplace or other anyway.

Walked Franklin to Carondelet Park, where we studied some very strange bee behavior. There were two very large, militant looking bumble bees traveling through the wildflowers together. Bee #1's job was to collect pollen from all of the flowers like any bee typically would. Bee #2 was the strange one. Rather than collect pollen, it followed Bee #1 everywhere it went, and hovered no more than 6 inches away from it. It never landed, it just hung there like a helicopter, watching Bee #1 do all of the work. I've never seen or heard of anything like it. Whenever I would get too close, Bee #2 would sort of loop around as if warning me to keep my distance, and then go right back to monitoring Bee #1. I don't know if Bee #2 was some sort of body guard, or supervisor, or...I have no idea! Research needs to happen because I'm dying to figure it out.

Visited my parents', because my dad's birthday is tomorrow. He had a sinus headache and wasn't up for company, so I went to the store with my mom and then helped peel potatoes for a potato salad.

Currently, I'm awaiting the return of The Wizard, and the arrival of the lovely Ms. Gorsky. She's crashing at our house tonight and tomorrow while in town for not so happy business. I'm excited to see her, but it's also 11pm, and I'm trying not to fall asleep.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Ah ha ha. So much fun imagining the Bumblebee Supervisor.

Breakfast sounded too good. Give Sarah a big hug from me.