Thursday, March 29, 2012

273. Meditations

Yoga was tonight.
Once a week is never enough to see any real improvement, but I can tell I'm getting stronger. My arms are always shaking, but I think my balance is improving, and it's nice to get some deep stretching in considering how much time I spend sitting at a computer. It seems to compliment my running (and vice versa) too.

Besides all of the back poppy-stretchy goodness, I think the thing I look forward to most is the meditation portions of the evening. The most vivid images pop into my head, like I'm dreaming when I'm awake. I don't ever try to think of anything, I just focus on my breath, and they sort of crop up out of no where. I highly recommend it.

The past few weeks have included nerdy things like:
  • Sun shining through tree branches in late afternoon. All I can hear is the sound of the wind rustling the leaves.  
  • Walking around inside of a snow globe. It hasn't been shaken recently, so the snow is lying all over the ground. In the center is The North Pole (red and white striped) next to a small igloo. The sky begins as midnight blue around the sides, darkening to pitch black above. There are tiny shimmering stars filling the sky, but they seem to be on the inside of the globe. The walls are made of thick, flawless glass, and when I walk up to them, I can see my reflection. I'm dressed in pink leg warmers, and my hair is in short and low-set pig tails. 
  • Lying on a smooth flat rock next to a running stream. The water is crystal clear, and cold, and full of orange, bubbly goldfish. The stream is surrounded in trees, but just past them is an open field of emerald green grass. This was in a dream I had once, years ago, so it was strange that it popped up again. I really like that place though, so it's nice that it did.
  • I am a Chinese dragon made entirely of brightly colored paper. Like the kind you see at Chinese New Year celebrations, only I don't have human legs sticking out the bottom. I move the same way though, and stomp my feet a lot in time to the music. Whenever I stop, I shake my head from side to side with a crazy grin on my face, and my paper mane makes a loud rustling sound.
  • Sitting crossed legged on a rounded bluff overlooking a deep canyon. It reminds me of the Sierra Mountains. Huge vultures are flying overhead, and the wind is blowing my hair. The vultures circle me, flapping their wings so that they almost brush my face. I like watching them.
  • There is an old crooked tree with lots of low branches for climbing in the middle of a field. Other trees are close by, but this one has the most personality. I am doing a routine on the branches like a gymnast would on the uneven bars. When I get tired of that, I climb to the top, where I find a wooden platform to stand on, and a flag sticking out the top of the tree. The tree becomes a ship and sails into the air with me at the helm. I make a tent over the wooden platform out of a sheet and plan to sleep there once it's dark.
Dorky. Told you.
But it's becoming a great source for imagination, which is something I've been struggling with lately. My schedule is so full of school, and work is so mind-numbingly taupe...there's no time for me to just play around in my head anymore. Even my dreams have become disturbingly realistic, if I can even remember them at all.
If you've ever read my dream journal, Lucid Somniloquy, you'll know that's not normal for me. My dreams are normally really surreal, and strange, like a playground for my subconscious. But lately, they're all so realistic that sometimes I think they actually happened. The other morning I woke up and asked Johnny if he had chipped the corner of his iPhone case, because in my dream, he had. LAME. Which, I think is probably why I stopped writing them down.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Holy crap. You know how to yoga. That last vision was Anime-Awesome. This summer I have to find a new yoga place.