Sunday, April 1, 2012

274. T-minus 5

Rough day.
I'm stressing about my math class...I've plummeted from an A, and I'm really worried I won't be able to pull it up again. I sort of freaked out earlier. I have a test Wednesday, and I feel very behind. But I spent the better part of the day studying, and I'm beginning to feel a little better.

I took Frank for a run to blow off some stress, and it turned into an epic run. I never needed a second wind; the more I ran, the more energy I had. I was literally sprinting up hills.
I ran a full three miles, and for the first time ever, I ran the entire way around the park.
My shins are sore, but I'm delighted.

Surreal moment of the day:
Frank and I were just getting out of the car after our run, when we were passed by three grown men driving go-karts, with flags mounted on the back. Paired with the constant circling of the ice cream truck lately, I have to wonder if my neighbor is being converted into an amusement park...

Great Expectations is on Masterpiece Theater right now. I read it in high school English class, and I absolutely hated it. But the Masterpiece version is so delicious, I've been sucked in. I may have to give Mr. Dickens a second chance..
Miss Havisham isn't nearly as old as I pictured her, either. I really like what they did with her character. It's just too bad that they aren't showing it all in one piece. Pip's about to leave for London, and they cut it off.
Speaking of PBS, if you haven't seen

I made cinnamon rolls for the first time this morning. The recipe is awesome, but I only had Fleischmann's pizza crust yeast. Pizza crust is really the only yeast bread I ever make. I figured it would be ok...but I learned about an hour in, waiting for the dough to rise, that pizza yeast doesn't actually rise. At all.
So we had extremely chewy, dense, cinnamon rolls. Even fully baked, they had the consistency of raw dough. 

One more week until reunion times. I'm alternating between wanting this week to go by quickly, and desperately needing more time. Anna is staying with us all weekend, and arrives Thursday night. This means I need to have all of my homework finished beforehand, and that's going to be tricky. In fact, I should really get back to studying.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Ha! I DVRed Masterpiece last night for when I return from the Lou.

It is sooo on this weekend. I hear ya on the getting ready. I'm dead tired trying to get ready for the drive.

And don't mind the man behind the bushes, he's just selling cotton candy.

Math is hard.