Monday, April 2, 2012

275. So Ashamed.

In a post-math class freak out, after realizing that I missed ANOTHER homework assignment, I decided I better go shopping. I need accessories for my reunion dress, even though I'm still not sure I'm actually going to wear it. But I probably will.

Target has failed me again. Don't get me wrong, it's full of lovely things. Just none of the lovely things that I happen to be looking for. Unfortunately, it's the only department store besides JC Penney anywhere near my home, and I loathe JCP.

I left the Target, and as I was walking back to my car, the grocery store caught my eye. Suddenly, I realized I was ravenously hungry, and before I knew it, I was sitting in my car, shoving cold grocery store fried jumbo chicken drumsticks in my face. Because of me, some chicken out there has no LEGS!

It felt so dirty. After the first few bites, I was so ashamed, I pulled out of my parking space and began driving home.
But I kept stuffing my face.
All I could think of was what everyone must be thinking as they passed me. I tried to negotiate my speed so that I was never directly next to anyone. I felt like Delta Burke on a bad day, and yet I loved every horrifying second of it. I was simultaneously delighted and disgusted with myself. There were crumbs everywhere. The grease settling into my clothes as little bits fell onto my lap...


I need to admit this just happened for a few reasons. A, I don't want to do that ever again. B, I don't even eat MEAT most of the time. I'm not a vegetarian by any means, but I would guess I consume a meat product perhaps once every 2 weeks. I had meat on Friday, and this is much too soon.
MUCH TOO SOON. C, All I want is to look fantastic on Saturday, and I seem to be subconsciously sabotaging that. What gives?


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Joshua De La Noco said...

That was great. I scared El Burge when I started laughing.