Thursday, April 12, 2012

279. I Should Be Reading History Right Now

Oh hai.
I am having the most slack-ass week. In fact, Lexi! I am so sorry! As soon as I post this, I will reply to your email, because I am a bad person and have not taken the time to respond yet, and your spring break is probably over and I am a bad friend.

Ok, so it's 9:30. On a Thursday.
I'm still waiting to get a call from my new landlord saying the dishwasher is in, and I can have my keys now. I expect to hear from him by tomorrow. If he doesn't call, I'm going to call him, which might be tricky considering I'll have to sift through all the random numbers in my recent calls list and probably call a bunch of wrong numbers before I reach the right one. Whatever.

Today is Cosmonaut Day. My Wizard just informed me of this; I didn't know. Now I'm drinking another Cosmo in honor of the whole thing, and I think a second is on the way.

I should be reading about the Old South and slavery, 1830-1860. I'm not.
But I will.
Right after this, and an email to Lex.
I will do that, and I will take this test.
But test tomorrow.

This has been a super slacker week...I'm recovering from amazing and I haven't really had the energy to devote to school. I feel bad about that and burnt out at the same time. Mostly, I want to bake things and eat those things, and I am pent up from sitting at a desk all the time. I hate my cubicle.

Last night I was a vegetable who drank two Cosmos, played Civ and passed out to Civ's ocean sounds until 3:18am. It's kind of sad when the Wizard isn't around. Normally, we'd pass out on each other watching PBS, wake up by 2, then go to bed, but I was alone. Until 3:18, when I finally dragged my carcass to bed.

I heard this band on KDHX on my way home from yoga today. They remind me of Belle and Sebastian, also Camera Obscura. I'm intrigued.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

Dude... I've been slacking right with ya. Haven't run since I got back. Tomorrow I have to go for it.