Sunday, April 15, 2012

280. Sunday in the Kitchen

Did you know that Jell-o doesn't have to taste like gelatinous Kool-Aid? I had no idea!
I bought Knox brand gelatin today (found in the baking aisle) on a whim. My dear pal, Mr. Elkins, advised me it's good for joints, and since I've been doing so much yoga-poppy-joint-bending lately, I've felt a bit creaky.

Once we got home, I really had no idea how to take it, in regards to dosage. The internet was unhelpful...completely atypical. I decided maybe we should just follow the directions on the packaging, but that quickly turned to thoughts of Jell-o shots.

The compromise was a scaled down version of the packaged recipe, with liquor additions to make it extra tasty. I'm in awe. It came out so much more delicious than any brand name preconceived package of the stuff ever could. The recipe for Cosmopolitan Jello goodness looked something like this:

1 cup of cranberry juice, heated to boiling
1/2 cup of vodka
1 packet gelatin
1 oz triple sec
1 oz lime juice (we used from concentrate)
Frozen mixed berries

Dissolve gelatin into the vodka in a bowl. Pour in the heated cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice.
Stir, add enough frozen berries to coat the top (they floated), and refrigerate. It takes about 3 hours for the goo to solidify, but when it does! OOOOOOooooooooooooo. It tastes incredible. Make it and serve it to your college pals. Or with your bestest friends over an episode of Mad Men. It's perfect.

We also made risotto this evening, which I highly recommend. Our version was modified from this one found on Epicurious. We followed the rice portion exactly, but included baby bella mushrooms sliced and added to the cooking rice, and instead of leaks, we oven roasted broccoli and cauliflower, stirred in at the end along with fresh tarragon. Thanks to Ms. Anna B. for the idea, because I don't know when I would have tried to make the stuff. It took about an hour, but it was entirely worth the trouble. I'd proclaim that it was easily the best rice dish we've ever made, and we had our Jell-o concoction to munch on all the while we worked on it.

Next time... I think maybe we'll try a curry version of the risotto, perhaps paired with some sort of mango gelatin topped with marshmallows or coconut... So many possibilities! NOM!

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