Thursday, April 19, 2012

281. Boom.

The Wizard and I have a new apartment, as of Tuesday. That would be....our fourth? Yeah. Fourth abode together. I wish I were comfortable with that thought, but things never feel permanent to me.  I like stability, I guess.

Disclaimer: I'm on my second Cosmo. It's delicious, have one.

I've been ferrying things over all in week in the hopes that Saturday, when we rent the truck, will be easier. It probably won't be, but I tried. The new place is strange and different, but at the same time, exactly the same. Both apartments are located in the top right (if facing) of a four-unit building. They're both shotgun style, but the new place has more walls. It also lacks the exposed brick of the current place, and the giant deck, and the ice maker. But what it loses in those things, it makes up in location. 8 blocks from Tower Grove Park, a neighborhood safe enough and pretty enough to walk Mr. Frank in, and TONS of closet space.

While the walls sort of confine the space, the square footage is the same, and the additional storage makes up for it. I also like that the building faces South. No more setting sun blaring in my eyes while I try to do homework in the living room.

I wanted this to be a more interesting post, but it isn't. I feel distracted. Thoughts about moving, the math I should be studying, classes I want to take...
I feel like all I think about is my degree, and what classes I should be taking, and where I'm going to apply, much less live. I'm starting a new job next week, sort of. I start training, anyway. I'm just scattered and frustrated and excited for new things, and sick of them too. I want everything to settle into place, and I wish I had time to focus on what I care about. I.e. art...I.e.

Tonight I had a fight with my dog.
Lately, he's developed a habit of climbing on my dining table when I'm gone, and stealing whatever looks like food. Usually, that's a tupperware container left from my day at work. So he grabs it, destroys it, eats whatever is inside. Sometimes he eats the recycling, too.
It's my fault.
He isn't getting the sort of exercise a terrier needs, and he's frustrated.
Plus, I leave out food.

I came home tonight from Yoga, to find he'd destroyed my hummus and pita lunch for tomorrow. It should have been in the fridge, but I neglected it because I'm more concerned with moving. I was Jello from moving and not that upset, but I thought I should discipline him because he shouldn't have destroyed it. To be honest, I really didn't mind. But I chased him, and smacked him a little with the hummus container, which he'd eaten.

Hummus went everywhere, which means...
I made a bigger mess than he did, and he was really terrified of my half-hearted attempt.

I walked away and began cleaning up, only to walk past my bathroom, where he'd been standing moments before. He was gone, and I couldn't figure out where he'd went to, until I looked up and realized....he was in my bathtub. The adorable thing had been so freaked out at my wicked behavior, he'd leapt into the bathtub and was peering around the shower curtain at me.

It was, by far, the cutest thing I've ever seen.
Lately, anyway.
I couldn't stop laughing. He was so adorable, I had to sit down on the ground and laugh.
He looked utterly confused, but hopped out of the bathtub and came over to nuzzle me.
Then he ate all of the hummus mess I'd made, and we agreed the whole thing was utterly ridiculous.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

I love Frank Dog.
Good lucks with the move. I'm just beginning my search for a new abode so I hear how you're feeling.