Wednesday, April 25, 2012

282. In the End, Everyone Gets What He Wants

Finally getting around to watching The Brothers Bloom. Hence the title. Really no idea what's taken me so long, but tonight will be perfect. Paired with an organic Carmenere, Natura, from Chile, and the company of two fabulous four-leggers...Yeah. Yeahyeahyeah.
Adrian. Fucking. Brody.
His photo should accompany every favorable adjective in the dictionary used to describe the male species. Aspire, gents.

*Sidenote - The opening sequence in which Bloom is jogging after his brother Stephen lugging a suitcase nearly larger than his own body...All I could think of was Bill Murray chasing the train in The Darjeeling Limited. It has a pretty Wes Anderson feel overall, really.

So yeah, things are starting to wind down, I suppose.
The semester has only about 2 more weeks to go. A nearly unfathomable two weeks, in how short that comes out to be. Monday I took a four question math quiz that I had stressed over a truly exorbitant amount, considering it was only worth 10 points. But I got it back today, with a perfect score. Score! Also started training for my new job today. It's going to be a ton more work and much more mentally taxing. I'm not sure how that's going to pair with school yet, but I hope it'll be ok.

I had a lot more rambling to do, but the Wizard called from Jeff City, and I had to wander off and talk to him while I crammed cheese and pretzels in my face.
To summarize, I look forward to a few weeks off school, because I hope to do something with myself that has everything to do with what I like and not someone else's nonsense. I want to write, and make music even if it's awful. And draw, and paint, and use my time how I want. MY time.

I'd like that.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

It's your time Milk Chan. Behold the glory of it.