Saturday, April 28, 2012

283. Kentucky Derby Party People

20 minutes ago I was sitting in my basement with my downstairs neighbor, waiting out a storm with tornado tendencies. I hadn't met her until just then. I actually described the circumstances for our meeting as "awesome". How embarrassing. I think a better word choice would have been "memorable", or perhaps, "amusing". "Anecdotal", even.
She has a masters in linguistics, and is but a few days away from her phd in cognitive neuro-science. Clever girl...

I sat down at my laptop with the intention of getting started on my last paper of the semester for my Cornerstone class. It's a 2-3 page review of David Mamet's play, Race, which we saw at The Rep back in February. It really shouldn't be that difficult, but I always have trouble getting started. I was hoping that a little blogging to warm up might be a good idea. Or a good way to procrastinate. You pick.

This weekend is flying by much too quickly. I feel like it only just started, and already, Saturday is practically gone. I made the usual tasty Saturday breakfast, after which a lot of furniture rearranging and unpacking occurred. We finally figured out the best possible setup for the conservatory, with my tanker desk facing the window, and a big open wall for "At Your Service", my favorite painting.

I spent the afternoon shopping for ridiculous hats to wear to the Kentucky Derby party at The Royale, with Laurel. A couple of days ago, I was out walking Frank around the neighborhood, when he decided to take a poo at the corner of Spring and Connecticut. As I dropped the scented green bag into the trash and turned to walk back around the corner, this bright blue Honda Fit pulled around the corner, and out of the window popped Laurel's face. Turns out she lives just a few blocks from us, and I happened to be dropping my doggie's business in her dumpster. The planet is truly a small place.
So anyway, that prompted a mutual agreement that we needed to hang out and get drinks or something soon, which led to the invitation to the derby party. As I rather enjoy horses, silly hats, and cocktails, this seems perfect. 

On the recommendation of two different people, she decided we needed to try ABC Trading Co. on Olive. The place turned out to be a goldmine of ridiculous. This is a costume jewelry and accessories store, full of gigantic necklaces that look like they should be worn in an Indian wedding ceremony, and the sort of hats that Baptist ladies wear to church on Easter Sunday in order to outdo all of the other church ladies. Except that everything there is fake, and therefore, cheap.

Laurel procured a gigantic and very much atrocious orange and white number, which is oh-so-derby-perfect, and which she intends to embellish further with bees. My suggestion.
I went a little more understated, and opted for this fantastic fuchsia Fascinator hat that perches on your melon with the aid of a headband. It's adorned with feathers and flowers, and pink netting in front. I hope to improve upon the design by adding some horse figurines or maybe a tiny lawn jockey, but we'll see. The color is less equestrian and more desiring of an elephant bathing itself in bubbles. In fact, I tried to figure out how I might attach a bubble gun, but my options seemed unrealistic for actual wear.

So yes. Homework. I suppose I should get to that...

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