Tuesday, May 1, 2012

284. In Which it is OK to Drink on the Job

Usually company-wide stairwell meetings are the sorts of meetings everyone wishes they could think of a way to avoid. We all gather around the stairs because it's the only area in the building where everyone will fit, and then some VP takes the second floor landing and drones on and on about some bit of news which only affects us in the trickle-down sense. Most of the time, that news isn't very good. My company is actually doing quite well, but only on the software side. The health plan side has been struggling, and downsizing, and that's usually what these meetings have to do with.

Based on previous experience, I assumed today's meeting would be another snooze-fest. I wasn't expecting bad news, because it was a celebratory launch of some newly developed software. The celebration turned out to be bigger than I expected. Rather than the usual stairs, we were ushered into the main meeting room at the front of the building. There was food! And alcohol! And I was still getting paid while I drank my alcohol!

Not a bad way to end the day, considering I had been crawling out of my skin for the prior 7 hours in training for my new position.

Afterward, I came home and took Franklin for a run around the park. I didn't run as far as I would have liked, but I haven't had much time to run lately, it was 83 degrees, and I'd had 2 drinks an hour and a half beforehand.

I love my new neighborhood. My apartment is pretty nice too, but it's the neighborhood that makes it. Everyday I come home from work, take Frank straight outside, and go for at least a 30 minute walk. If I don't have class that night, we run. It makes a huge difference to Frank, who is stuck sitting in his crate for an unacceptable 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, and it helps me to shake off the corporate miseries.

As time goes on, I am less and less enamored with my current career path. I have no interest in what I do, but it pays well. I think that will improve somewhat once I finish training and get the hang of things, because I do enjoy solving problems...but even then, I don't think this is what I was meant to be doing. I kept trying to convince myself to go into IT or something because it pays well, and it's stable, and you use your brains all day long. But I'm ANTSY. I dislike the regimented schedule of breaks and lunches and being chained to a desk. Even as an admin, when I had more freedom, I was bored out of my mind. I really don't know what I should do instead, but I think my main goal has become paying off my credit card so that I can afford to be more choosy about my employment situation.

Things are progressing, but I feel like I'm not able to spend the time on school that I want to, much less need to. I can't afford to pay my bills and have enough left for groceries if I take much of a pay cut. So I'm trundling along, doing nothing remarkable, feeling like my entire life is passing me by while I slowly pick away at part 1 of my ultimate goal. My Associate's is going to take a total of 3 1/2 years, even with summer classes. I should be traveling the world, and buying a house, and really starting to find what I want to be doing with my life...I feel like it's really starting to eat at me in a bad way. I can be a very patient person, but patience only holds up for so long.

In other news, this blog is about due for another foodie post. Maybe this weekend, if I can find time. I have finals starting, so we'll see. There are just so many things I'm dying to make!


Joshua De La Noco said...

Oh, I am always so pleased when you post!
The image of stairwell meetings is wonderful. That is OfficeSpaceSpectacular.

So glad that the new digs are making your world better.

Do you want to do another tag-team food adventure? We can pick a category and go for it or an ingredient and go... My groceries get delivered on Friday night. Jenn'll be here this weekend too so we might get some kitchen things happening. Well shit, whether I cook or not, I still vote you do. Love the food posts.

Finally, you are a wonderful and intelligent human being with a great heart. The type of person who usually makes a better teacher than she might suspect. Also, summers to travel for the rest of your life.

Pitt said...

I feel your pain. My semi desk job makes me bonkers. Yesterday I spent a hour having vivid well planned long thoughts on what I'd do if I could do it all over: my decision? Side show act in the circus. Travel, fun costumes, preformance, weird and fun people and pets too.