Friday, May 4, 2012

286. Tremendous Dynamite

Conclusion of a strange week.
Ok, maybe not so strange, but definitely long. Lots of training for my new job, meeting new people, learning new software. Coupled with trying to get a lot o' shit done for school...yeeaeaeaaeah. The end of the semester! Practically here. Just a few more days.

I made a new pal this week. His name is James, and he's been training me on all of this work-related stuff. James lives in Austin, TX, which probably automatically makes him cool. I don't know. I haven't been to Austin, but I would like to go there. All I know is that the kids who crawl out of that place seem so incredibly's a beautiful thing.

James likes the spoken word. Poetry. Helping under-privileged kids find their voice. James is also an actor, and yet he has no apparent ego. I like this about James. He headed home this evening, and I actually gave him my number so we can go see some spoken-word poetry nonsense the next time he's in StL.

I never give out my cell phone number. That should tell you something. James is solid.

The main point of this is this:
I love writing poetry. I do not do it often, and I do not do it enough to validate myself as a real poet. In fact, reading over my prior postings has me CRINGING at my lack of ability to rhyme. But at the same time, I feel passionately about the non-rhymy things I have written. Reading back over them, I am glad they exist, and I want to make more of them. 

Make at least one new poem while I'm off school in the next few weeks.
Doesn't matter, anything goes.

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