Saturday, May 5, 2012

288. I'll Have Another

A more appropriately named horse could not have won this afternoon. If you didn't get to watch the Kentucky Derby, you missed one dandy of a race. I didn't get to attend, but I think we found the practically next best thing. I had the fortune of watching on a big screen, amidst a crowd of people dressed in their finest derby attire, drinking Mint Juleps all afternoon on the patio of The Royale.

Laurel and I completed our derby hats, garnished with horse figurines. I think that hers definitely outdid mine, but I was really pleased with how mine turned out. I was a little confused though...after standing around all afternoon with her, watching her get compliment after compliment, and hearing virtually nothing about mine, I had begun to feel like my hat must not have been half as neato as I thought it was. It wasn't until much later that it hit me.
I'm too tall!

When I put on a pair of heels, I tower over 6 feet. I loomed over most men today. Paired with the fact that everyone was wearing a gigantic hat that obscured their peripheral vision, anyone standing close to me wouldn't be able to see the top of my head.
And everyone who did notice seemed to like it.

Laurel and I competed in the best ensemble competition, but we were beaten by the female incarnation of Uncle Sam. The girl was red, white, and blue from head to toe, complete with striped gloves and a matching iPhone case. She looked like a big bag of crazy, but it was a very fun outfit. I do feel sort of proud of the fact that we were the only two in attendance who had done anything to customize our hats. I was surprised, I really expected everyone would do the same.

This evening I stopped by the grocery store and picked up the theme ingredient for Josh and I's Kitchen Stadium post tomorrow. BEETS!
I have never cooked fresh beets, so I'm a little nervous. We'll see!

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