Monday, May 14, 2012

290. Container Gardening, Attempt #2.

The Wizard and I spent last weekend purchasing and potting the herbaceous additions to our new balcony. I would have liked more edibles, but we decided to share a little with the butterflies and bees. My fingers are crossed for prolific tomato production, however, and I may venture back to the nursery this weekend for another plant.

On the right, a Mortgage Lifter Tomato, and center, some unknown pink thing:


Tickseed, which claims to attract butterflies:

Some window boxes of Marigolds, and more Ageratum 
(with a squeaky-toy contribution from Frank):


Basil and Cilantro:

A new pot to let Spidey stretch its roots:

A close-up of the Pink Anonymous:

And of course, no porch would be complete without a cat on a bench:

1 comment:

Joshua De La Noco said...

Man that porch looks beautiful. Well done to both of you.