Friday, June 8, 2012

297. Social Network, or Spamming Your "Friends"?

This morning I decided to delete the Facebook app from my phone, and then followed through on that decision. The truth is that I used to like Facebook, and I still appreciate that it keeps me in touch with the people I want to remain close to. I love to share photos and hear about what people are up to. There are lots of other sites I enjoy much more, like Blogger, and Flickr, and even Twitter. Instagram, and Draw Something, and Scrabble, if we're talking iPhone apps.
I realize, however, that most people don't care enough, much less have the time, to follow you on all the smaller but more worthwhile sites.

What I do not appreciate is that my membership on Facebook no longer feels like my decision. Our society has evolved into wanting one hideous monster mega-site for socialization, and that monster is Facebook. You almost have to have an account, whether you want one or not. That might be acceptable if the site were worthwhile, but my feed has digressed into nothing but a scrolling Tumblr account of inane captions plastered across stupid photos. Whoever makes these images is a moron, and I have little respect for the people who feel the need to share them with everyone on Facebook. It is the equivalent of a forwarded chain email. I also realize you can hide people, and unsubscribe from people, and that's great. Except it makes me wonder why I have them on my list at all. Yet just try to remove them, and not have it result in hard feelings. You can't. Delete someone from Facebook, and you have essentially informed them that you would rather not be friends at all. It's juvenile. All of it.

I realized this morning that I check the app far too often because it's there, and because I'm bored at work. It never fails to disappoint me on a level so deep, I actually turn green with Hulkish fury and catch myself muttering a barrage of curse words under my breath.
In extreme cases, I actually start texting my closest friends to complain about how much I hate Facebook. Maybe that makes me a really big jerk, but this morning I realized, that app needs to go.

It was really cathartic. But enough about Faceboob.

It took nearly an entire week to readjust to my normal schedule again. Vacation was wonderful. Frank and Mayday seem relieved that we're home, though.
Things are going well with the new job, my summer class has begun, and the weekend lies ahead.
Thus far, I have no plans but to make blueberry pancakes in the morning.

We stopped at Ikea in Bolingbrook on the way home last Sunday. I scored a new non-stick and a new saucepan. Both are of a much higher quality than you would ever expect at such a reasonable price. The non-stick presented us with a stunning spinach omelet this morning.

We also snagged another gigantic clay pot. Terracotta, actually, and only $8 with the saucer. Milling around at the grocery store a few nights ago, we decided to try growing some okra. I had wanted another tomato plant, but I think it may be too late to start one, and okra is a shamefully under-appreciated gem of summer cuisine. It's one of the fastest seed to harvest plants they had, so I'm hopeful something will come of it.

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