Tuesday, June 12, 2012

298. Summer Projects

The other night I sat down and started editing my photos from Chicago. There weren't many shots I was really happy with, and I spent most of the time removing lens spots in spite of the fact that I thoroughly wipe it down every time I take the cap off. I may start carrying glasses cleaner with me, if the spots are going to be that persistent. The shots that I did get fall into the range of satisfied to happily surprised.

Anyway, once I finally began editing, I realized I've finally begun to enjoy the process of working in digital. I am finally starting to feel comfortable editing RAW images in Photoshop, and I was surprised what I was able to salvage from shots I was sure were going to be a loss. Up until this week, my workflow has been totally non-committal. I am rarely patient enough to spend more than a few seconds on any one image. This has resulted in my heavy use of the iPhone as my primary camera and editing studio, and not nearly enough time spent with a real live SLR. My impatience extends to every other medium as well, which means I don't actually do anything. I spend a lot of time coming up with ideas, and not actually pursuing any of them because it takes too long, I don't know how to pull off what I have in mind, or the materials cost too much. Then I work a full time job, try to focus on my college classes on top of that, and still find time to go jogging with my dog. A lot of the time, I wish that the Wizard and I were working on things together, but we rarely do. Our collaborations usually end at bouncing ideas off of one another.

I just feel like I'm waiting for something.


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