Saturday, June 23, 2012

303. Pride

On the morning of the parade I put my hair up in pins.
It looks amateurish; I lack skill and therefore rarely attempt it.
Today I find I am pleased with the result
and quickly spray it into place before it has time to change its mind.

In two hours, hundreds will culminate
in the streets, riding on floats with fluttering flags,
their makeup and hair, done with such precision, will melt
under the gaze of a late June sun.

We used to only celebrate the homecomings
of soldiers and fallen heroes of foreign wars,
never realizing that each and every one of us
holds the promise of infinite potential.

Now we march in celebration of life, the value of the individual.
For the difference that every person has the opportunity
to make. We have become self-aware, and
there is no turning back.

And so, I dress with pride, and take my place on the sidewalk.