Monday, July 23, 2012

309. And, Time.

Summer class is in the bag...I just completed my last two quizzes and have sailed through Oral Comm with a high A. I'm relieved to have that one out of the way, considering how much I'd been dreading it and how easy it turned out to be. That leaves me a full month without any responsibilities other than working. Magnifique!

I've been running more lately, though not as much as I'd like. Dragging yourself out of bed at 6am most days is tough, but it's about the only way I can go during a heat wave that breeches 100 degrees almost daily.

I mentioned before that my form was all wrong, but I didn't really go into it much more than that, and I've been meaning to post links to the articles that helped me so much. As it turns out, I've been doing it wrong for YEARS. Ever since I started, around age 25 or so, I've always run on the balls of my feet. I thought it was bad for your heels to ever touch the ground, so I ran like I was sprinting up a hill all the time. No one ever corrected me, so I trudged miserably on, fighting blisters and shin splints and bruised toes, never breaking my record distance of 3 miles.

I still haven't exceeded 3 miles, but with the heat and having to retrain myself to run correctly, it's been a little like starting over. Yet it's only been a month, and already, I can feel an enormous difference. The biggest accomplishment has been going running twice in one day, or a run in the evening and going again the following morning. Before, I could never run more than every other day, but now I can go as often as I have the energy.

There's still a lot to learn, but these were an excellent place to start, and I hope they'll help someone else as much as they did me. 

Pronation Explained
The Perfect Form

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

308. Clouds


Photographed and filmed with my iPhone. July 15-16, 2012.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

307. Take Five

That's how many times I've restarted this entry. I don't know what I was getting at exactly, but I've stumbled upon something this week and I'm trying to articulate it in a way that doesn't sound deranged.

It may have started with Dada. Actually, if you backtrack a bit, it might have started with Charles and Ray Eames, wandered over to Dada and a lot of reading about conceptual art, and then twirled back to the Eameses in the form of The Films of Charles and Ray Eames Vol. 2. Other contributions include the purchase of my very first glue gun, an epic epiphany regarding proper running form that has changed everything, and a 40% off sale at Dick Blick, which resulted in my carting home a rather impressive set of watercolor paints IN TUBES for a truly delightful price.

The point isn't where it started, but what happened. I suddenly have an intense sense of motivation. No, not even motivation. Motivation would imply intent and desire, but not necessarily motion.
The word I really want is momentum.
Drive, mister.

All of the sparks are sparking again, and there is nothing I love more in the universe than that sensation.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

306. I Am Elaine Benes

I stopped to drop off my rent check this morning, which gets deposited in a little metal mailbox at this house on Arsenal, across the street from my favorite park.

As I parked my car and got out, I noticed an older, heavyset woman digging around in the flower bed bordering the sidewalk in front of the house. She glanced up at me briefly, but immediately turned back to digging up plants. Her face was down, body orientated so that she was facing away from me, and appeared to be completely absorbed in what she was doing.

There were a lot of cars driving by, and it was very loud. 

As I walked up the steps to the gate, I kind of heard her muttering about something, but she wasn't looking at me or making any sign that she was speaking to me.

I dropped my check in the mailbox and turned to walk back to my car. As I paused at the top of the stairs to shut the wrought iron gate behind me, she looked straight at me and snarled, “STUCK UP!

Me (flabbergasted): “Excuse me?”
Garden Troll: “ You’re STUCK UP!!! I said hi to you TWICE!”
Me: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you at all. There’s a lot of traffic and it's really loud.”
Garden Troll (in the snottiest voice she had): “O-KAAAAY.”


Monday, July 2, 2012

305. Ees Hot.

It's hit at least 100 degrees every day for the past week, with no end in sight. Everyone is cancelling their Fourth of July fireworks displays, and all of our plants are dropping dead. I've adjusted to living with extreme temperatures really well, I think, but it's still frustrating at times.

Just now the hints of a storm rolled in, but I'm not sure it's really going to rain. There's wind, and thunder, and the sky has gone dark...but not a single drop has fallen. Even if it does, it won't have much effect on the heat.

I'm regretting not taking more summer classes. The workload for my Oral Comm class has turned out to be so light, I could easily have gotten something else out of the way at the same time.