Monday, August 20, 2012

314. Fall Semester, Day 1.

Ask me what song I have stuck in my head all day on the first day of any semester, and I will sing to you in my best Adam Sandler voice, "Back to school, back to school, to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool". The man is a master of modern prose. Truly.

And I am GIDDY with excitement and nervousness and terror for the four months that lay before me.

There was a brief last minute debacle when two of my three classes were cancelled one week before the start of the semester, but somehow I came out of the affair better off than I was before. My online math class with a very poorly rated professor has been replaced by an online math class with a professor who receives glowing reviews, while my 8am World Religions (speaking intensive/sociology requirement) was replaced by a 7pm Principles of Macroeconomics (speaking intensive/sociology requirement). And Yoga remains on Saturdays, at 8am.

One would think this course load is everyone's worst nightmare, but I can barely contain myself. I've just spent the evening going through the online math orientation, and I have a really good feeling about it. I'm also a giant fan-girl of NPR's Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. My only worry is that my Macroec professor might not be as engaging and charismatic, considering the class is nearly 3 hours long.

In the past year, I have become such a gigantic nerd that I think you could put me in almost any class at all, dangle the possibility of an A in front of me, and I would hurl myself full force into the subject as though nothing else on Earth mattered. I am completely driven by the promise of a gold star and an ego-maniacal desire to know EV-ER-Y-THING. (Purely for science, of course.)

And now, let's do the numbers...

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Joshua De La Noco said...

AHH! That video was fantastic. I always wondered what Kai looked like.

And no. That course load sounds awesome. I'm jealous.

Sigh, college is wasted on the young.
Have fun.
Learn as much pointless shit as possible. Maybe when we're old NASA will freeze you and send you to the Andromeda galaxy to explain earth to aliens. Now that would be awesome.