Saturday, August 25, 2012

315. Saturday: A Recap

Woke up early for my first 8am Yoga II class.
Listened to my teacher go over the syllabus for 20 minutes before sending us home. The drive round-trip was 40 minutes.
Went grocery shopping dressed exactly like a college student; unshowered, no makeup, in yoga garb.
Returned home to find the cat had attempted to destroy my two best okra plants by using their container as a dirt toilet. He managed to dig a surprisingly deep hole in the center of the pot, nearly snapped one stalk in half, and succeeded in turning his white coat a mottled shade of Miracle-Gro Brown.
Salvaged the plants to the best of my ability.
Stuffed the perpetrator into the bathtub and scrubbed him white again.
Bathed the dog too, just for good measure.
Spent another half hour mopping up the puddles and laundering the creature towels.
Chopped up a pineapple with the intention of making Hawaiian waffles.
Received phone call from the Wizard that he would not be finished at the car shop anytime soon, and that I should just come meet him for lunch.
Showered, finally.
Split a Margharita pizza and spinach salad with the Wizard at a really strange place called Manhattan Cafe. It had nothing whatsoever to do with Manhattan. Mostly it resembled a knock-off Steak n Shake, with a million different Elvis albums littering the walls. Our server was a girl named Pickles. The food was surprisingly decent.
Returned home and spent the next 7 hours doing homework. I am still not finished, and anticipate tomorrow will be about the same.
Dashed to the corner store for wine just before they closed, and nerded out with the store owner.
Returned home to find that the dog had been on the prowl again, this time destroying my box of Cheez-Its. Destroy might be misleading...exploded might be more appropriate. It was as if he ran from one end of the house shaking the bag and spraying orange crumbs in every direction.
Stuffed the dog in the bathroom where he could do no further harm, and went jogging during a lucky window between the rains. I ran almost 2 miles without stopping or having to struggle. This seems pathetic considering how long I've been running, but it's probably the farthest I've gone without a walk break since I changed the way I run a few months ago. Maybe only two months ago, I'm not sure anymore. Days sort of run together when you're clipping along being busy and productive. I'm up to running 3-4 times a week again, which I haven't done in probably two years, and even if I'm not running as far as I'd like yet, I see that as significant progress.
Returned home feeling much less agitated. Showered and then swept the entire house.
And now, FINALLY, it is time for some wine.

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Joshua De La Noco said...

I love how you describe the actions of animals, both wild and domestic. Cheese-It run was just great. For me and Frank, if not for you and the Wizard.