Friday, August 31, 2012

317. Stress.

Things are difficult. I don't want to complain at all, because I LOVE school.
It's just the thing is,

     mentally taxing full time job
+  8 college credit hours
+  test monday
+  unexpected house guest 
+  being on call for the demanding job
+  algebra is fucking hard

I spent approximately 4 1/2 hours on math homework tonight. My guest is wonderful and lovely and I want to hang out with her, but she is inviting me to things like weddings and rehearsal dinners for some person I have never met in my life. I told my parents I would visit on Sunday. I have to take a test on Monday and I am not prepared because College Algebra is much more advanced and time consuming than I would have guessed having prepared myself extensively over the past two semesters for it. You cannot cram when trying to learn a language, and math is definitely a language. I am seriously panicking, and at the center of it all, I miss my boyfriend more than I can possibly describe because even though we sleep in the same bed, that is literally all we see of each other lately.

Tonight I finished my homework and went to meet him and his parents at the haunted mansion where he performs dinner theater, because he asked me to come. I thought we would get drinks after the show, but instead, his parents were ready to leave. I left and went to the grocery store, where I purchased a 6 piece fried chicken and a bottle of chardonnay. I'm not sure what is wrong with me, but apparently I have developed a very specific association between math-related stress and Schnucks' fried chicken. Upon my return home, I devoured three pieces of the chicken like a Tyrannosaurus Rex who has been handed three free goats, proceeded to pace like a mental patient, and broke down sobbing as soon as the Wizard got home.

I'm so embarrassed.
You should see all the made-from-scratch America's Test Kitchen brownies I just devoured.
Tomorrow morning I run.
I will run until everything is sane again.

Also, this's been stuck in my head all day. And without ever saying anything, the Wizard just started singing it to me. Sometimes I think he knows more than he lets on.

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Pitt said...

I love that song and understand stress eating. I pour milk into cake mix and eat it like a bowl of cereal. No eggs that would be bad for me obviously... Cause eating straight cake mix is soooo healthy :)