Saturday, September 15, 2012

319. The Lucky Divorcees

A very good friend has been living with me for the past week. She's filed for divorce, and we've been having a fantastic time staying up late going to rock shows, getting drunk and baking hysterical cupcakes, jamming out badly on every instrument in the house, and running amok all over town. I feel like I'm 19 and living illegally in a boys' dormitory again. All these late nights have made it really difficult to make it to work on time and keep up with my homework, so I'm [regretfully] glad it's only a temporary living arrangement. Even so, I'm managing to keep pace, burning the candle as far as I can stand to burn it from both ends. I should only have to keep this up for another week or so, and then I will probably crash like a spent punk for an entire weekend. If we ever decide to form a band, I think we'll call ourselves The Lucky Divorcees. Maybe just The Divorcees. Lucky seems potentially redundant.

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