Tuesday, November 13, 2012

323. T-Minus 1 Week to Turkey!

By some strange twist of events, the Wizard and I do not have a place to go on Thanksgiving Day. We would be going to his parents' house, but his parents have plans to spend the day at a friend's, and my family's Thanksgiving is not until Friday. This never happens, and I have decided to seize the opportunity.

I am going to cook a turkey for the first time in my life.

I'm a little nervous about it, but I think I can do it. I've helped people cook turkeys plenty of times, I've just never actually made one on my own. I do make a rather decent roast chicken though, and turkey is really just the same concept, only bigger. 

There are a million different ways you can prepare a turkey, and I'm having a little trouble deciding on my approach. I think I'm leaning toward stuffing it full of herbs and then massaging it over and under the skin with butter. Supposedly, the butter makes for a moist and tasty turkey, which is the most important thing. Further research is required, however. My mom slow cooks hers. The Wizard's mom has this crazy plug-in turkey roaster contraption. Someone at work told me I should roast it in a bag to keep it moist. Roasting it upside down supposedly keeps the breast meat tender.
I have some more reading to do before I can make an informed decision.

The bird aside, I think I might be more excited about side-dishes. I love tradition, and I don't mind having the same things every single year, because it's the only time I get to eat those things. But this year I have the luxury of getting the traditional dishes on Friday, so I think I'm going to get experimental with my feast. I think I will make cranberry sauce from scratch, and I might try some sort of potato/turnip gratin. I haven't decided if there will be dessert because there will most definitely be pie on Friday. I wish there would be some guests who might drop in and help us eat whatever it is we make, but I really don't expect anyone.

All I know for certain is that I am very, very excited. My favorite holiday is almost here!

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Joshua De La Noco said...

I'm thinking of trying to put together a solo Thanksgiving Dish down here.

Definitely put pics up. And I'm just saying that it would be extra sweet if you two dressed like pilgrims.

I would be very thankful for that.