Sunday, November 25, 2012

324. Sundae Nite Jamzzz

Updates/Catch-all post stuff.
Thanksgiving as I laid it out previously, did not happen. The Wizard's mum became upset that we weren't into the idea of going to feast at a stranger's house, so she cancelled that plan entirely and decided to host Thanksgiving as usual at the estate.

I was especially disappointed, but later realized that's silly. I mean, yeah. I wanted to roast a turkey and make all my own holiday happenings, but so what. The truth is, it would've just been the Wizard and I, and while I love and adore cheffing it up, no one would've been around to eat my creations. I just imagined friends without other plans dropping in and hanging out, which wasn't realistic. So instead, the man and I made a cute little veggie gratin to take to his parents', and had a love-uh-ly time with his family. We even played horseshoes in the yard after dinner.
On Friday we made a pecan and a pumpkin pie, and went and had a love-uh-ly time at my family's house, and I can't regret any of it. The food was delightful, and the company pleasant.

We still hope to host a Christmas party, and possibly to roast a something for ourselves. Because we make damn fine food, we two.

I finished registering for classes this week, and next semester is shaping up to be Fiction Writing, Figure Drawing I, and Intro to Cultural Anthropology. I'm the most nervous about fiction. I've written forever, but I've never actually written a story.
I'm embarrassed to admit that. 

I'm most excited about figure drawing. I live with my very own muse, and I cannot wait to sketch him in a million poses because I know he'll happily oblige me. Nevermind that he's startlingly photogenic, or that I adore every aspect of his form...

So yeah. Sorry about, y'know. Not being around much. Go follow me on Instagram too, if you miss me. @BadPonee. I'm always kicking around over there.

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