Thursday, December 13, 2012

327. Tanking Like a Champion

The End.
Semester finished.

I'm left feeling really crunchy about it, too. I let myself down.
Yoga II - A. Obviously.
Macroeconomics - A.
College Algebra - B.

A freaking B.
My 4.0 is no more. Streak over.
I made it through the entire semester clinging to my A with a 91.9%, and right at the very end, in plain view of the finish line, I crumbled.

I studied for the final the entire week before. I studied until my head hurt, but by the weekend, I knew I was doomed. I couldn't remember anything anymore. Not as in, my brain is full, I can't learn anything else. I mean, everything that I had studied for the past four months suddenly stopped making sense. When the final exam landed on the table in front of me, the problems looked strangely familiar, yet I had no idea what to do with them.
My lowest score on anything up until that point had been an 86%.
My final exam score? 66%.

I don't think I have ever felt so mentally exhausted. No amount of sleep or yoga or walks in the park seemed to help. I'm just relieved that I still managed a B for the semester, and that I never have to take a math class again unless I choose to do so. And I'm still an honor student, and I'm still on the Dean's List, so I guess I'll survive. I'm just terribly disappointed in my brain this week.

Fortunately, I have a yoga class to look forward to tonight.
Tomorrow is payday.
Christmas is nearly here, and we're hosting a party next Friday.
I have to purchase a punchbowl this weekend.
Somewhere in all of that, I'm going to start feeling better.

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