Wednesday, January 23, 2013

331. Today

Today I learned a lesson that may have been inspired by terror. I love music, and I love playing music. But piano players are gods. I can never do what they do, and I know this in my core.
Every time I have ever touched an instrument, I have felt intimidated, but confident in my abilities.When I picked up my viola for the first time, I knew it was right. I knew deep inside, there was a viola prodigy lurking, and all I had to do was train her.
The piano does not feel like that. The piano watches, but makes no judgment. She hopes that you will sort it out yourself. But you don't. The chord charts and suggestions of guitarists mean nothing to you. You show up to every practice as though it were your first.
You are not a pianist. You already know that you speak another language.
Those strings wrap you up, pull you in.
Garage bands do not want for viola sounds. If they did, you would be taking viola lessons and not bumbling over a piano, wouldn't you?
Still, piano is something amazing, and you will try.
Why not?

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